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Welcome to Medco West

Your reliable resource for manufacturing of electronic systems!


We are committed to delivering the highest level of quality in all of our products. We manufacture everything to ISO9001,IPC610F Class II/Class III and we are ITAR Registered. We utilize a dedicated production tracking system to ensure our customer’s products ship on time. We also incorporated DFM practices to continuously improve production and provide valuable feedback to our customers.


Our professional staff receives on-going training and certification on all aspects of the Electronic Assembly process. Combined with our knowledge and foresight, we will continually address the ever changing manufacturing challenges and requirements of our customers. We have been providing our customers with RoHS compliant assemblies since 2005.


We can provide assembly of prototypes and pilot runs to high volume production runs. We have five surface mount lines as well as a complete through hole operation. We have full functional test capabilities and can provide you with complete box build assemblies. We currently purchase and supply our customers between eight and ten million dollars worth of material a year as individual components or in complete turnkey kits.


MEDCO’s Quality Standards are an essential part of our success. Highly trained operators perform multiple in-process

inspections to ensure all customers specified standards are upheld. Dedication and commitment to maintaining the highest

level of workmanship provides repeatability and consistency throughout our organization.

MEDCO has proven to be a reliable and competitive resource ensuring that our clients have all the tools and support they need.

We take great pride in our quality and our workforce. Our level of support and service throughout each project is just one of the

reasons why our clients partner with MEDCO.



With a staff of more than 120 employees, 46,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and state-of-the-art equipment in our

New York and New Jersey facilities, MEDCO ranks as a leader in high quality electronic assemblies and one of the

largest contract manufacturers in the New York metropolitan area.